This is the official site for the South Coast Slam 2014.

Saturday April 19th 10am-6pm
Sunday April 20th 11am-6pm

Although many of us often have control padsglued to our palms, we can never turn down the offer of some pinball action instead. Those who love getting to grips with the flippers are now in luck as the annual South Coast Slam is set to bring along around 100 classic tables along with some coin-op video games too.

This too good to be true event is set to take place later this year in worthing on Saturday April 19th, running all weekend with each and every machine on freeplay. But if the thought of smashing hi-scores and collecting jackpots wasn’t enough, the organisers have recently confirmed that both a Williams Indiana Jones pinball machine and a Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom arcade machine will be raffled off over the weekend too.

See the "Raffle" page for more info!

Welcome to the Official South Coast Slam website 2014

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Welcome to the Legend known as the South Coast Slam

This is South Coast Slam!!

So it's come along again - After a years break we are on for 2014 - Same venue - Easter Weekend - LOTS of machines on free play - Pinball and Video Heaven