Saturday April 19th 10am-6pm
Sunday April 20th 11am-6pm
So the first year, we gave away a Popeye Pinball Machine.

The second year the Grand prize was a Whitewater Pinball Machine...

The third year was... Star Trek Next Generation Pinball


For the Video Fans

An Atari Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Video Game

For the Pinballers amongst us

An Indiana Jones pinball machine - fully workshopped and re-decalled

Loads of other prizes also to be won!!!

To see how the refurbishment process is going, see HERE.

All profits go to charity... ECHO.

Echo provides support for children and young people with heart conditions who receive treatment at the Evelina Children’s Hospital and the outreach clinics at local General Hospitals attended by Evelina Cardiologists. They also extend a lifeline to their family & carers. They are here to provide information, friendship and moral support from infancy to adulthood, especially at times of high anxiety for the patient and/or his or her family/carers as well as to supply equipment to the hospital which will improve the patient/family experience both as an inpatient and at home.